About the ARDX Advantage Package

A. Reddix and Associates is committed to empowering some of the country’s most vulnerable communities through healthcare education and simplified healthcare solutions. Under the direction of CEO Angela Reddix, A. Reddix and Associates (ARDX), helps organizations to develop better operating procedures, implement technology solutions, and reimagine business models.

To attract exceptional employees in the healthcare consulting industry, the company also offers the internal ARDX Advantage package, a benefits package that assists ARDX associates and their families in meeting their healthcare and personal goals. Including benefits (health, life, and disability), paid leave programs, retirement benefits, and continued professional development, it also offers the opportunity for members of the ARDX team to make an impact on the local community through civic-minded programs.

Furthermore, the ARDX Advantage package offers flexible work schedule arrangements and remote working opportunities as a means to ensure a positive work-life balance for employees. Another component of the package, the Employee Assistance Program, assists employees in finding the tools, time, and resources for fulfilling their personal goals.


The ARDX Healthcare Academy – Encouraging Healthy Life Habits

Led by Angela Reddix and her team of management consultants, A. Reddix and Associates (ARDX) engages with organizations to help them understand the current healthcare landscape and to develop appropriate strategies for success. One of ARDX’s core initiatives is the Healthcare Academy (HCA®) which provides educational resources to youth so they can develop healthy lifestyles.

HCA® focuses on nutrition, fitness, self-esteem, bullying, and violence prevention and creates pathways toward healthy behaviors. Interactive educational sessions begin with brief lessons, which are then reinforced through activities such as charades, role playing, and artwork. By engaging with children in a proactive way, the program has a positive impact on their psychological and physical identities. The ultimate goal of the Healthcare Academy is to reduce the incidence of chronic diseases and associated risk factors. A recent program evaluation found that participants gained an understanding of the topics covered and felt renewed motivation to eat well, exercise, and take steps to increase a feeling of positivity in their daily routines.