About A. Reddix and Associates

ARDX-logo-greenA. Reddix and Associates (ARDX) is a healthcare management consulting firm located in Norfolk, Virginia. Specializing in Medicare and Medicaid, A. Reddix and Associates helps organizations navigate regulatory issues while facilitating operational improvements across a number of areas. Serving both businesses and government agencies, the firm also offers support in health information technology, program management, communications, and health education. In addition to providing technology solutions, ARDX assists clients in developing and implementing business process models to increase operational efficiency.

The company operates under the leadership of its president and CEO, Angela Reddix. In overseeing the multimillion dollar firm, Ms. Reddix draws on a professional background spanning business administration, human resources, and healthcare compliance. In 2010, Angela Reddix’s firm garnered the honor of Small Business of the Year in Norfolk, and it received additional commendation in 2011 as the recipient of Urban League’s A. Phillip Randolph Award. That same year, Inside Business recognized ARDX as one of the Best Places to Work in Hampton Roads. In 2013, Angela Reddix was recognized as an extraordinary woman business owner by Old Dominion University’s Business Gateway.


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